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Serial Numbers 1975-1980
We now have almost complete serial number records for the main period of Shergold production from 1975 to 1980. The only major omissions are the Marathon bass and Custom Double numbers - we'll be trying to track these down. We'll also be trying to find any details on the more recent Shergolds.
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Note that the same serial number may appear on different models, and will bear no relationship to each other in terms of date. So if a search for your serial number gives a result for a different model, the date given is not accurate.
Serial Number Information
There are full details available in the searchable database for these models and ranges of serial numbers, all between 1975 and 1981.
  • Early Meteor and Masquerader (from 3101)
  • Masquerader 6 String (from 7001 and 9001)
  • Masquerader 12 String (from 8001)
  • Meteor (from 1101)
  • Modulator 6 String (from 2101)
  • Modulator 12 String (from 4001)
  • Modulator Bass (from 5001 and 6001)
  • Cavalier 6 String (from 001)
  • Cavalier 12 String (from 3001)
  • Cavalier Double Neck (from 0001)
Other serial numbers follow numbering schemes, which as yet cannot be tied to a definite production date. Remember also that neck dates can be misleading - for example, parts made around 1981 have turned up on guitars known to have been assembled and finished in 1991.
  • 1980 onwards - Most Shergold Models (including Custom Masquerader, Masquerader Limited Edition, Marathon 4 string, Activator, Modulator)
    Typically, if the model or number does not fit one of the series detailed here, and is a five digit number ending in a number between 80 and 91, those last two digits are most likely to be the year of manufacture.
    From analysis of the serial numbers searched for on this site, those in the Collection, and community contributons, this sequence starts at 10080 and reaches into the 90080 range for a total of over 800 produced in 1980. The numbers restarted at 10081 in 1981 but only get into the high 200s - a significant drop to around 200 instruments in this year. At this point Shergold retreated from official guitar production, and those instruments made in the next nine years continue to use the same sequence without resetting for the year, so by 1991 the numbers had reached to around 39091 including the relaunched Limited Edition Masquerader, meaning that (excepting those models with established serial sequences not exhausted) about 100 instruments were made in this 'unofficial' and relaunch period between 1982 and 1991.
  • Custom Doubles: Numbers begin with one of 124 (12 string / 4 string bass), 612 (12 string / 6 string), 64 (6 string / 4 string bass), 84 (8 string bass / 4 string bass) and so on.
    Within this series it seems that the numbers following the model number are reused withing the model ranges (so 84001 and 64001 would both have been used).
  • Marathon 4 String: Many examples are in a series of numbers from 6000, or use the post-1980 format.
  • Marathon 6 String: All known examples are in a series of numbers from 7000 on factory finished instruments - some of the New Old Stock parts sold after the factory closed are stamped with 6000 series numbers.
  • Marathon 8 String: All known examples are in a series of numbers from 8000, or use the post-1980 format.
  • Hayman: For six and seven digit numbers, the last two digits of the serial number give the year of manufacture from 1974 onwards (nnnn7n, nnnnn7n). Earlier serial numbers can be searched for here.
  • Burns Flyte: The neck dates on these are: 1 to 414 = 1975, 415 to 704 = 1976.