Shergold Home
Many thanks to the following people, with out whom all this would have been difficult and probably pointless...
  • Everyone who has emailed praise, comments, critisisms and especially information - your input is very much appreciated and is what makes this all worthwhile
  • Norman Houlder, Shergold co-founder and partner in the Shergold company
  • Peter Robinson, for being a mine of information
  • Phil Golder, for hanging on to those original bits and pieces
  • Paul Day, for information and encouragement
  • Ian Hovey, for getting me started on the Shergold trail
And finally: Bob Pearson, Rob Green, Keith Westall, Eddie Cross, Derek Adams, Les Weatherley and all the other Shergold partners, employees and suppliers.

But especially the two men who started this all, Norman Houlder and Jack Golder for having the vision and skill to create such wonderful instruments.
The Founders
Norman Houlder Jack Golder

If I've missed anyone please contact me and I'll put it right...