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The Mike Rutherford Custom Double Neck
Mike in Tokyo December 1978
Before you email me asking where you can get one of these monster Shergolds, they are exceedingly rare! Mike has four "halves" (One 4 string bass; Two twelve strings; and a six string with single coil pickups - now owned by us) One other natural finish six string top was made for Mike probably by Roger Giffen.
A second pair was made in "boot polish" brown in a 6/12 configuration and was given to Dale Newman. This item was recently sold at auction.
That is the sum total of these models made.
All stories of Mike having a four neck ambidextrous guitar (Shergold or otherwise) are untrue (this occasionally does the rounds - search Google Groups for the latest version), despite those people who maintain that they saw the flight cases etc, it is an urban myth.
The Shergold/Rutherford Custom Guitars pictured at The Farm, 30th June 2000 We were granted access to the clip together Shergolds' at the Genesis owned recording studio, The Farm, in June 2000. Read about it here.
We also now own the original six string top section of the clip-together set. Details of this and the other Shergolds in the collection can be found here.
To get the low-down from the man himself, we've have transcribed a 1977 interview with Mike from British music magazine 'Beat Instrumental' (no longer running) which was reprinted by Shergold as promotional material.
Mike has also written a review of the Marathon 6 string for a magazine, and of course, appears prominently in the Genesis Tour Programmes...
Genesis on-line Be sure to visit the Official Genesis Web Site to get the latest information about Mike and Tony.
Photo Credits:
(top left): Amando Gallo
(above right): Andrew Mannering