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Bridges fitted to Shergolds
The standard 6 string guitar bridge fitted to most Masqueraders, Custom Masquerader, Meteors, and Custom Double guitars.
The 12 string variant of the standard 6 string bridge, fitted to the same models.
The same as the standard bridge, but with a black anodised finish, and often with polished brass bridge pieces. Fitted to Nu Meteors and late Custom Masqueraders.
Very simple bridge fitted to the Trojan.
Simple 4 string bass bridge fitted to Marathons.
Simple 6 string bridge fitted to all 6 string basses (Marathon and Modulator).
Bridge design previously used on Hayman guitars and some Vox guitars. Strings are through body to standard ferrules on the reverse. Fitted to earlier Modulators.
Design as for the 6 string version, but with the added folded section at the back of the base plate to anchor the octave strings - the standard strings still anchor through the body to ferrules. Fitted to earlier Modulators.
Again a design previously used by Hayman and Vox. This time the strings are anchored in the polished and drilled perspex block that is bolted to the bass plate. Fitted to earlier Modulators.
In this design the perspex block is not used to anchor the strings - that is done by the slotted base plate with the strings passing through the perspex block onto which the chromed brass bridge pieces are also bolted. Fitted to later Modulators, Cavaliers, and Activators.