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Genesis in Concert 1980
Mike is probably the only person who looks fully at home with a double neck!
Mike looking very serious! Mike in Tokyo Advert from the back of the programme
1981 - "Abacab"
More of Mike using the 12/4 configuration clip together Modulators, and Daryl using a normal white 4 string Modulator bass.
Mike with double neck (very tiny) centre stage Its that man with the oversize guitar again... Where is everyone? The equipment list from the back of the programme - and you know who... Daryl Stuermer with a Modulator Bass
Genesis in Concert 1982
Mike again playing his wonderful clip together Modulators, this time in 6/4 configuration. Note that the six string uses three single coil pickups instead of the usual pair of humbuckers.
July 2001: The six string guitar part of this double as shown in this photograph is now owned by us!
Mike and 6/4 clip together Modulators
1982 - "Six Of The Best - A Benefit for WOMAD"
Mike playing a six string Marathon (you can tell this is a six string by the oversize headstock and the position of the bridge - the six strings are all short scale) at the rehearsals for the 'one night only' reunion with Peter Gabriel at Milton Keynes.
Mike with 6 string Marathon (from programme centre picture) Mike with 6 string Marathon (from programme cover)